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I have waited so long to show you guys the new HL+Co. headquarters in downtwn Clinton, NC! I always imagined being able to do a big open house when we opened, but due to the virus this will just have to do for now.


First stop on our virtual tour is the office. This space was an added bonus when renting our new digs. It has an extra room connected to it for the part of the business that is not my favorite, if you know what I mean.


This room still has so much more to be done to it before I can say it's complete.  On the other side of the room is where my kids can hang out and catch up on their Netflix shows or play games on the tv (and let me get back to work- you can see more pictures of this below).
Next, follow me into the main room. The big, gorgeous beauty that makes me never want to leave! 

This big island that sits in the middle of the floor is my favorite part of the entire studio! I love the natural wood slab and the fact that it keeps all of our miscellaneous items organized is even better! Not to mention it was hand built with love by yours truly and my right-hand girl, April. You can find us here when we are beading necklaces and bracelets or colaborating on something new. Soon we will offer private paint parties and this will make for the best work desk!

Over here in the corner is where I spend a great portion of my time packing up and shipping out wholesale and retail orders. This spot also makes me happy because of the massive amount of organization going on here! In our last studio over my garage we had zero space for shipping. We love that there is finally a place for everything!


Turn around the other way and you will see our massive black and white striped mood board! There is a lot going on here and that's mostly because there's a lot going on in my head. If something strikes inspiration- we pin it to the board! Also, if you zoom in you can see a few prototypes that will be making their debuts soon plus some fun art from the Hartlen Littles. 

A little further to the right is where all the magic happens! Where I can (and do) literally paint for hours. There is a spot for everything. May not be where it will stay because we will evolve, but there is a spot. Above our heads hangs some of our Summer Collection prints! We love how they give a bright pop of color on the exposed brick. 

P.S. April's side is cleaner, but that's only because she just put on fresh clear mats ;)


Hope you've enjoyed the tour! Hate we couldn't do it in person but until then stay safe and be kind. Lord knows, the world needs more of that. xo, Alicia 


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